This man.. the media tells you to hate... the media  slanders daily... democrats  constantly try to oust from office... THIS  MAN has given up his privacy,  his business which made him a lot more than his presidential  salary,  and his freedom to move around freely. THIS MAN donates his salary to CHARITY!

Making Headlines

Joe Biden

Brokered Convention?

Bernie Sanders


He seems to be in first place for the democratic nominee. God help him if he wins. Trump will have a field day at the debates. It will be an embarassment not seen before. If he doesn't defeat himself, Hunter will. 

Bernie Sanders

Brokered Convention?

Bernie Sanders


Bernie has a following for sure. Sad thing is, they are drinking the kool-aide but if he was to be elected President, they wouldn't be able to afford kool-aide or much of anything anymore. Can you say rations? 

Brokered Convention?

Brokered Convention?

Brokered Convention?


If they can't come up with a winner, they might throw another minnow into the shark tank. Michelle?  Hillary?  I know, maybe Tom Hanks or Oprah? 

Corona Virus

State of Emergency States

Brokered Convention?


Trump is blamed for it. I really can't see him hovering over a petri dish saying, "good I got a virus to send out". Ridiculous. Though it is a serious illness to some, the constant fear mongering is causing more of a panic than necessary. Vaccine is in the works. Prayers for those who we lost to it. 

Tennessee Tornado

State of Emergency States

State of Emergency States


Total devastation. I can't imagine going through this. Prayers to those who lost and those who were lost. What else can be said?  Just horrific. 

State of Emergency States

State of Emergency States

State of Emergency States


The following states have declared "State of Emergency" due to Corona Virus deaths


New York




Here's What I Think

Additional Information

As the country prepares for an election in the midst of a new virus attacking us, we see the  left wing media still making a flailing attempt at blaming Trump for something. 

It has been mentioned he didn't close the boarders quickly enough. Wow, what a 360 by the media! 

How Ironic!

If it is a microscopic virus, or infected people, they don't want them here. Slam that damn border shut! But wait,  if it is illegal aliens flowing freely in, who by the way could be harboring much more sinister components, then that is ok? I guess it is because they could become potential democratic voters. Virus contaminated people on the other hand may not be around long enough to vote so I guess they don't matter.

Now we have pundits trying to convince us that Trump's sucess with the economy, etc. is because Obama set it up. Oh please! 3 years later? Unbelievable. 

Please, democrats that can see past all this, please cross over. We welcome you. It is not your party anymore. 

Regarding the tornado devastation in Tenn. Trump was advised not to go on the ground. He insisted saying "I have to be down there".  This is a compassionate man.  If I remember correctly, and I know I do, Obama was vacationing in Martha's Vineyard while the state of Louisiana was going underwater with Hurricane Katrina. He also headed of to 18 holes of golf after hearing about he beheading of American journalist  James Foley. Obama had no compassion but for himself. Of course there was implied compassion for Trayvon Martin and later others that all seemed to be of color which in turn sparked a widespread divide between police and the black communities. If he had not put his two cents in, we would not have had the difficult race relations that ensued for years. He had no business fueling this hatred. We are only now recovering and the black population is starting to realize they have been kept as pawns by the democratic party. 


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