Donald Trump for President

We need a solid leader who doesn't bow to our enemies and who knows how to handle everything! Mr. Trump, if you read this, this means you. Please save our country. I have complete faith in your capabilities to get us out of the unprecedented mess we are in. How about announcing Monday morning on Fox and Friends that you will do it. We don't need another politician! It obviously doesn't work. We need you...

President Donald Trump

Yes, I purchased this domain with high hopes. When you concentrate real hard and imagine something is true, it is supposed to come true, isn't it? At lease that is what was told when I was a little girl. 
I figure it this way, America gave Obama a chance (incidentally, I didn't vote for him because he had no experience) and he failed, miserably. He not only failed, he literallly went out of his way to try and dismantle America as we know it. Now we need a leader to put the pieces back together. Maybe Trump is a little brash, a little arrogant, a little dominating, a little crazy sometimes, but he is very big on one important thing, patriotism. He loves America and capitalism, which is our life blood. I'm a small business owner and without capitalism,  my little hole in the wall company that keeps my family housed and fed, would not exist. Obama's economy has almost put me under, but I refuse to give up. I scrape day by day hoping he will get impeached or just quit. He needs to be fired!
I also have the IRS on my back like I'm a criminal. Really?? I'm a 50 year old woman with a mediocre house, a used car, no medical insurance, and two kids in college. I wonder if they know I signed up for the teaparty. 

We have no government right now. There are dictatorships in all departments, ruled by one big dictator, Obama!

God help us all.

Who really looks like he has got it together? Duh... Obama looks like he is dazed and confused while Trump looks like he is ready to take on anything!

Come on America, urge Mr. Trump to run for President!

Incidentally, Mr Trump, in a capitalisitic light, this website can be purchased in case you need it, nudge nudge...
My email address is

How awesome would that be?!?...I told you I dream big.  I also kinda want to retire on the beach, lol.

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